Obama's Test From Chavez


With 200 of its 550 million individuals living on $2 or less every day. Latin America experiences a long haul failure to build up a success win association with the monetary monster toward the north, where the GDP per capita is multiple times more noteworthy than beneath the Rio Grande. The achievement of 45 million Hispanic Americans, who on a for each capita premise procure multiple times. What their relatives do back home, performs the long haul arrangement. The cutting edge arrangement of legitimate riches creation is inefficacious in Latin America. Which therefore has not created as quickly as Asia or quite a bit of Africa, and that thusly has prodded movement to the states including 12 million illicitly.


these stern strategies – which Washington once in a while connected to itself – neglected to lessen destitution and reverse discharges particularly against the Latin American political pioneers who had the fearlessness to apply them. That blowback offered ascend to the harmful strain of hostile to Americanism that delivered Chavez. Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Dominica, and Honduras at that point fell like dominoes into the oil-supported enemy of American camp of Chavez, who had at the same time adjusted fifty billion dollars worth of business with the FARC narco-fear based oppressors in Colombia, OPEC, Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, China, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, and any individual who might waste Bush – who disregarded everything, imagining everything was OK. Hedge is subsequently giving off to Obama a Latin America that is profoundly suspicious of America;  where the developing dangers of atomic weapons multiplication, fear based oppression. Illegal tax avoidance, human and opiates dealing have turned into the standard. And where a worldwide retreat that is faulted forU.S. iniquity will exacerbate migration, destitution, savagery and precariousness in the entire district.

Word War II

More than any of his ancestors since World War II. President Obama needs an emotional change in the association with Latin America. To assault neediness, the fundamental issue. Obama needs to get the devices of riches creation – training, private property, undertakings, and modest credit. To the 200 million Latin Americans who live on $2 every day. He could utilize a Marshall Plan. Including the general population and private divisions of the rich vote based systems to interface. With Latin America on the ground in the barrios and specifically with destitute individuals. The “people group coordinator” Obama used to be in Chicago is accurately what the Latin American poor need in their corner today.

So …

Concerning Chavez’s momentary psychological oppressor danger, Obama needs to move quick. Despite the fact that the retreat has cut Chavez’s oil salary by the greater part. Regardless he has the biggest and best-prepared standing armed force in Latin America. Russian submarines and warrior planes, Iranian rockets, uranium mines. Hezbollah and FARC preparing and rest camps. and a cocaine and tax evasion activity that makes Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi conspire look like tiddlywinks. A suspicious sociopath, Chavez has lost his bugaboo – Bush – and is confronting a cool, astute dark substitution. In such conditions, he may manufacture an emergency. So he can announce military law and take up arms against the U.S. as Fidel Castro did in Cuba 50 years back. Anticipate Iran, Russia and possibly China to deny inclusion in it. To counter Chavez, Obama ought to take out U.S. reliance on Venezuela’s oil and along these lines quit financing Chavez’s state sponsorship of fear based oppression. In any case, without U.S. incomes to finance his megalomaniacal devotion. Chavez will confront new foes among the military nearest to him. Including a huge number of Cubans faithful to Chavez’s cash not his fantasies of greatness. By ensuring America, Obama could truly help the smothered vote based system of Venezuela.]]>






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